Types of romantic men

Men are often seen as logical, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want romance. Men like to feel connected and romanced through conversation, time together, and gifts.

These are the guys who act all tough outside but are soft-hearted inside. They are into keggers, jerseys, and beer pong but when they are with you they want nothing more than to be by your side.

Shy guy

Shy guys don’t tend to be the ones to make loud expressions of love but they can still be incredibly romantic. They notice your appearance in detail and compliment you on small changes like a new pair of spectacles or a haircut.

They also respect your feelings and inquire about how you are doing. They often go to great lengths just to see you well.

They show chivalry by defending your honor in arguments, or they may even walk you home late at night. This is a sign that they want you very much.

Pretty boy

A pretty boy is a male character who has fine features and can easily be mistaken for a woman. They often dress well and spend a lot of time on their appearance.

A pretty boy can be hard to handle in a relationship because they are typically very selfish. They can also overdo it with the romantic gestures. They may even talk about their love in highly sentimental or cosmic terms.

Smart guy

He tries to seem super tough but he’s really quite sweet. He isn’t very good at showing emotions, but his reluctance to do so usually stems from something that happened in his past.

He is typically a Genius or a Computer Geek. He may also be The Lancer or a Badass Bookworm, depending on the team.

In an ensemble he often has the least successful Love Interest, which is often shoehorned in as a convenient pretext for not writing him a romance (see Chuck Cunningham Syndrome). He’s usually short with glasses and can play a mean game of chess.


A socialite is someone who spends a lot of time attending social events, gathering media attention, and trying to be seen. They may not have a job and often get their money through family inheritance or a wealthy spouse.

While it may seem glamorous to live a life of brunches and parties, the socialite world can be cruel. It is hard to be happy when your whole existence is based on reputation and conformance.

Exotic guy

Men find romance in little things like a random “I love you” text, a surprise date, a phone call to check-in on how they’re doing, and so on. They also find romance in dancing, especially if they can hold you close while tangoing.

Romantic guys are considerate and caring towards their partner and go out of their way to make her happy. They are also great communicators and always put their partner first.

Damaged guy

Men who are emotionally damaged look for someone to cherish and care for them. They’re likely to open up more and be more affectionate. They’ll also be there for you in good and bad times, showing their devotion.

While a broken man is a risk to take on, the right love can heal him. He’ll begin to trust again and shed his layers of protection. He’ll tell you his fears, doubts, and insecurities.

Macho man

They love with their whole hearts and are thoughtful and caring. They also treat their partners with respect. They’re not the type to take tips from ridiculous rom-coms, but they are the type of men who understand romance is about being genuine and taking care of your partner.

The word macho has become so diluted in our language that it no longer needs to be italicized when used. Instead, the word machismo is often associated with a hyper-masculine archetype such as Stanley Kowalski from Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire.

Compassionate guy

He loves to make his partner feel loved and cared for. He will always try to show his love with small and big gestures. These actions could be something as simple as opening the door for her or pulling out her chair. He is also a gentleman and he knows that chivalry is not dead.

He never forgets the little things that can put a smile on your face, and is great at anticipating your needs. He is also very understanding and can handle your emotions well.